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House Season 7 Episode 8 "Small Sacrifices" A Whole Lotta Spoilers

We know the POTW storyline involves a reenactment of the Crucifixion, but there's a lot more to Monday's episode. Here's a whole bunch of spoilers, courtesy of BuddyTV.

  • One member of the team has sex.
  • One member of the team argues at the wedding of the hospital chairman's daughter.
  • Another member of the team dances at that same wedding.
  • Faith plays a role in all three of the main relationships in the show.
  • Taub may finally get what's coming to him.
  • Not only do we get to see our favorite characters dressed up, we also get to see a little dancing, a lot of Huddy, a decent amount of Hilson, and some wing-man action with a little alcohol mixed in.

Me, all that I will need to make me happy is to see more Hilson, of which there has not been nearly enough this season. Anything you're looking forward to in this episode?