House Season 7 Episode 23 “Moving On” Shohreh Aghdashloo to Guest Star in Season Finale

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March 28, 2011

Oscar-nominated, Emmy-award-winning actress Shohreh Aghdashloo has just signed on to appear in the season finale of House. Fans may remember her as Dina Araz on the late, great show 24.

Details on her role are being kept under wraps right now. She might be playing the POTW. But she does bear a resemblance to the new Mrs. House, doesn’t she? Could she be House’s new mother-in-law? Whoever she’s playing, it will be a treat to have such a fine actress on the show.

Now on to the episode’s title: “Moving On.” Who’s doing the moving on? House is already married. Cuddy, perhaps? Hopefully not Wilson!

What do you think? Who will Aghdashloo be playing? And what do you think the episode title means?

Source: TV Line

  • Jtwestmoreland

    Cuddy will leave the hospital because she can’t handle her feelings for House, leaving Wilson as the new dean of medicine. Season 8 will deal with Wilson’s new position of power and how he will handle the delicate balance of being House’s friend and his boss. If this does happen, I assume Wilson will get a kick out of finally having the upper hand over Dr. House

  • Dzordan

    I think one possibility is Cuddy is going to step down as dean of medicine so that she and House can be together or she will leave him because he can’t forgive her because she dumped him. One thing is sure Wilson will be the new Dean of Medicine>