House Season 7 Episode 18 “The Dig” Thirteen’s Secret Brings Her and House Closer

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April 1, 2011

Olivia Wilde gave more details to Entertainment Weekly on her big secret and how its reveal will affect her relationship with House.

EW describes her secret as “heartbreaking,” and when it’s out there it will bring House and Thirteen closer. But don’t worry, Huddy fans, not romantically! Olivia explains:

“She really does appreciate his acceptance of her, and sometimes, I think that she feels he’s the only person in the world who understands her. Certainly after this episode.”

So what does House say to get Thirteen to spill? Olivia says it’s Cuddy-related, and it takes Thirteen by surprise:

“It’s shocking to her because of the vulnerability that he expresses along with it. He’s been perfectly happy in the past to drop bombs about himself that he doesn’t seem to be very emotionally affected by, but it’s the fact that he seems thrown off his comfort base a bit. He’s reaching out to her and showing her his rawness.”

Any ideas on what her secret is? Are you looking forward to seeing a more emotionally vulnerable House? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!