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House Season 7 Episode 18 "The Dig" Even More House/Thirteen Road Trip Spoilers

Lots more spoilers for Monday's all new episode. Still no one will say what Thirteen's big secret is! But we're assured that House's attempts at prying it out of Thirteen is the most fun part of the episode.

  • There's a fantastic high noon standoff between House and his biggest competition, a young defending champ who spends his summers interning at JPL (that's NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for those not aware of the Pasadena, Calif., institution).
  • Thirteen can make a great weapon: a fertilizer-powered potato gun that should be sure to propel House to a big carnival win (see big standoff above).
  • Thirteen might not be the only one who spends time in the slammer in the episode.

Olivia Wilde teased about how Thirteen can still have her medical license after being in prison:

 “[House] definitely does her a favor, and that proves to her how valuable she is on the team.”

And if you're wondering if the team finds out about her secret, the answer is a big fat yes. And it will have repercussions, according to Wilde:

“She ends up really needing the help of one of them [but] in order to get that help, she has to tell him what happened. I think her relationships with them have changed.”

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