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House Season 7 Episode 15 "Bombshells" Musical Dream Spoilers

House Season 7 Episode 15 "Bombshells" Musical Dream Spoilers

When you have a bum leg and a dark, cynical nature, dancing is not the top thing you'd be drawn to do. But in one of Cuddy's dreams in tonight's episode, House does just that, in a duet with Cuddy to "Come On, Get Happy."

Did the actors enjoy tripping the light fantastic? Well, half of them did. Greg Yaitanes tells TV Guide: "For Lisa, this was a dream come true. She has experience as a dancer and singer and was willing and wonderful." And Hugh? Not so much. "Let's just say he had to surrender to the idea," Yaitanes says, laughing.

Mia Michaels of So You Think You Can Dance worked with the actors for several days to get the two-and-a-half minute sequence just right. "The challenge was creating a movie-musical moment that stayed true to the dark, quirky, sarcastic nature of House's character, but we did it," Michaels says. 

Michaels soon had Laurie and Edelstein waltzing like pros. "It took Hugh a little while to feel comfortable," Michaels says. "He's a perfectionist like I am. At one point, after hours of me telling him to do this and not that, he said, 'You know, a human brain can only process three directions at a time.' Then we did another take and he completely nailed it."

We'll see how everything turned out tonight at 8 on Fox. I can't wait to see Hugh in a tux!