House Season 7 Episode 11 “Family Practice” Spoiler Snippets

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February 3, 2011

All signs point to Monday’s episode being an important one in terms of House’s relationship with Cuddy, with his team, and with those pesky ethics. The Voice of TV has provided a nice list of spoilers for what we can expect to see in the episode.

  • One of House’s MVPs is MIA during the whole episode. (Chase?)
  • House and Cuddy are witty and sarcastic in a very similar way. Witness Cuddy’s mom Arlene’s similar opinion of Cuddy’s wardrobe choices: “If you’re going to dress like an Italian hooker, at least let it be THIS YEAR’s Italian hooker.”
  • Speaking of Cuddy’s clothes, we will learn where she likes to buy her much talked about outfits.
  • Some interesting “family” pictures of the Cuddy ladies surface while the team searches Arlene’s house. One enlightens us straight away about the type of relationship between the three women in the Cuddy family while the other set of photos exposes Arlene’s secret life.
  • Someone  is shamelessly called a “schmuck” and a “goy” while someone else is named the “Truth Fairy” rightfully so. (Any guesses? Mine are House and Masters.)
  • Hugh Laurie’s comedy past makes two funny cameos during a couple of scenes with the team. (Does that mean an actual person like Stephen Fry or just a display of Hugh’s comedic genius?)
  • At some point, bodily fluids not belonging to the patient make a statement about the emotional distress of two characters.
  • Despite her fears and doubts, Masters stays true to herself when she shows a tremendous amount of courage and selflessness throughout the unravelling of House and Cuddy’s actions.
  • The way the Cuddy family works speaks volume about who Cuddy is, where’s she’s coming from, and why she feels such a connection to House.
  • Detached at first, House makes this case very personal when he watches Cuddy surrender to her mother.

Can’t wait to see this one! Be sure to tune in on Monday at 9 on Fox!

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  • alex

    This episode was fantastic! They really researched their current events when creating “Family Practice.” The events of this episode, metallosis as a result of cobalt poisoning due to a faulty hip implant, parallels a recent hip replacement recall. House detailed the metallosis diagnosis nicely, but the scary thought is that there’s about 93,000 real live people out there who are currently dealing with this dangerous issue without the swift brilliance of Dr. House. Last night’s show struck my curiosity, so I decided to figure out exactly how metal bits and particles enter the bloodstream. I found a website, that put all of the events and details of last night’s episode in real life context. Very interesting!