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House Season 7 Episode 11 "Family Practice" Ausiello Spoilers

Cuddy's mom Arlene has a pretty juicy secret. And while working on the case, House puts Cuddy in a bad position (minds out of the gutter, people). What, House is going to do something unethical? Unheard of! Here are some spoilers for Monday's episode from Michael Ausiello:

Question: House scoop? —Crystal
Ausiello: The POTW in Monday’s episode is none other than Cuddy’s mom (a.k.a. Candice Bergen). But that’s not the interesting part. This is the interesting part: Taub and Martha discover a skeleton (or two) in her closet when they canvas her home looking for medical clues, and one of ‘em is pretty juicy. As the case evolves, House puts Cuddy in the worst possible position, compelling her to go along with one of his most extreme (read: crazy-unethical) plans ever. Meanwhile, facing divorce and hurting for cash, Taub considers a job offer from [spoiler alert].