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House Season 6 Episode 14 "5 to 9": Cuddy Spoilers

Fancast's The Big Tease gives us great spoiler details on next week's episode. I'm hoping the Luddy minutes are kept to a minimum...

How many “Luddy” scenes are there in next week’s Cuddy-centric ‘House‘? How long do they total, in minutes? – House_Alias via Twitter
It’s funny you should speak of minutes, because one thing to come out of the episode is the sad fact that ol’ Lucas is a “two-minute man” – and at the worst time, too. A few other tidbits from the very engaging, Lisa Edelstein-tastic hour: Cuddy has Isabel Allendes’ ‘Inés of My Soul’ on her nightstand; she starts her day off with yoga (and is very bendy); and she’s as obsessive with her Blackberry as I am with mine. “Huddy” fans, meanwhile, may enjoy Cuddy’s reaction to House getting a shirtless rubdown by a buxom blonde. One final note: The episode ends with a montage set to Mary Chapin Carpenter’s ‘Passionate Kisses,” which features the lyric, “I want a full house.” Clue? Discuss.

I wonder if Lucas's disappointing performances in the bedroom will lead to their eventual breakup (because you gotta figure it's coming). Or will Cuddy and House finally end up on the same love page at the same time? Maybe in the series finale?