More Details on the Upcoming House Wedding and Renewal Chances

How many of you out there are happy that Huddy broke up? How many are sad (like me)? Would a wedding make you feel better (or worse)? Still not sure whose wedding, but Michael Ausiello has his guess. Plus, he spoke to David Shore about the show's chances for a Season 8.

Question: Depressed Huddy fan here in need of some positive House scoop. —Ellen
Ausiello: This should turn that frown upside down: Series creator David Shore confirms that later this season “there is an episode in which there is a wedding,” adding with a laugh, “I can almost guarantee it’s not what you’re expecting.” Hmm… I’m beginning to think this might involve Thirteen.

Question: Any news about those House renewal talks? —Sasha
Ausiello: Talks are ongoing, but Shore insists “it’s going to happen. Don’t worry about it.”