‘House’ Might Be Pre-Empted Tonight Due to Daytona 500

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February 27, 2012

A steady rain at Daytona International Speedway has prompted race officials to postpone the start time into Fox primetime–possibly bumping House from its Monday night time slot.

If the rain lets up, the Daytona 500 will be run at 7 pm tonight and House will not air. No official word yet from Fox because there is no guarantee that the weather will break, thereby allowing the race to go forward and pre-empting House. Also no word on when tonight’s episode would air if the race goes ahead at 7. Updates will be posted when they become available.

  • Dicc5252

    My wifes gona b pissed ….but it is the 500 i love house as well but racing racing

  • http://brusimm.com BruSimm

    Good catch…   the weather more than likely will allow the full race, unless there’s a warm cell that kicks off some thunderstorms, but more or less, the D500 seems to be happening tonight. This is the first time in NASCAR history that this race was postponed.. 

  • Joan

    They couldn’t find some station that was not airing first run prime time shows?  So many sports stations……….  :(