Lisa Edelstein Spills Spoilers on the Upcoming Dreams Episode!

Are Lisa and Hugh going to do a duet in the musical part of the upcoming dreams episode? Will Huddy still be together after said episode? Lisa played coy but still gave some good spoilers to Watch With Kristin.

Lisa confirmed that the dreams episode will have a musical number, and that she will be singing, but we'll have to "wait and find out" what song it will be. When asked if it would be a duet, she said "Perhaps!" in a way that Kristin said was "in a tone that means, to our optimistic ears at least, that a duet is a definite possibility."

So did Lisa enjoy singing? Here's what she told Kristin:

"It's terrifying. Absolutely terrifying but really fun. I really had a great time, yeah. What choice do I have? They write it, I do it. And it was easier than going and stripping."

When asked if this will be an important episode for Huddy, she said yes. Does she think they have a chance at making it? Maybe, maybe not:

"You know, who knows? Every relationship has its challenges. But at least they are both showing up with enthusiasm."

She also said the heavily hyped episode will be worth the wait:

"It's an awesome episode. I've seen a rough cut of it, which I rarely get to do, and I think it's really exciting."

What about you? Are you excited to see this episode? I'm just hoping to hear Hugh's beautiful voice! Tell your thoughts in the comments below!