Lisa Edelstein Is Leaving House!!!

Lisa Edelstein Is Leaving House!!!

I think I might be sick: Lisa Edelstein has decided not to sign on for Season 8 of House. She issued this statement disclosing the horrible news:

“After much consideration, I am moving onward with a combination of disappointment at leaving behind a character I have loved playing for seven years and excitement of the new opportunities in acting and producing that lie ahead.”

This is a total shock, as back in March Edelstein said she was looking forward to the new season. On the show's part, just a week ago EP Katie Jacobs said she would not rest until Edelstein was signed for Season 8:

“Lisa is such a valuable member [of the cast]. I challenge any other actress on TV to do what she does seemingly effortlessly. She goes between drama, comedy, intelligence, sex appeal… It’s certainly not my plan or David’s plan or the creative team’s plan to not have Lisa in the show.”

Perhaps the rumored belt-tightening at the show caused her to quit; she could have rejected a low-ball salary offer. All other cast members, with the exception of Jesse Spencer, are signed on for the next season.

With the Season 7 finale already filmed, there's the possibility that Cuddy, and Huddy, will not get a proper send-off.

Thoughts? Are you as stunned as I am? Are you in mourning? Share your feelings in the comments below.

Source: TVLine