House Spoilers: A Lady Love Returns?

Could Lydia from the mental hospital be returning to get some more House lovin'? Seems awfully coincidental that House's shrink will also be returning. What do you think of Ausiello's spoiler?

Question: We need a sex scene on House with House this season. Could be any woman and I’ll be happy. —Bete
Ausiello: Ask and you shall receive: I can confirm that House will partake in a one-night stand towards the end of the season. And it’s quite possible his little lady friend is someone we’ve met before. Also, look for Andre Braugher to reprise his role as House’s shrink, Dr. Nolan, for at least one episode in May. Could that have something to do with this? (That’s not rhetorical, I really want to know.)

I just hope Cuddy isn't the one-night stand. I either want those kids together and happy or not together at all.