Jesse Spencer Talks Chase's Return to 'House'

Jesse Spencer Talks Chase's Return to 'House'

Chase returns to House on Monday, and Jesse Spencer gave spoilers to TVLine regarding the new docs, a possible new romance for Chase, and the new thing he’d like to see his character do before the show ends.

On how Chase interacts with the newbie docs:

“They’re trying to learn how House operates and how he works. And Chase and Taub are coming back as the tried-and-tested doctors, so they sort of guide them in the first couple of episodes. We give them hints as to what House is doing and what we think he’s thinking. We mentor them a little bit.”

On whether Chase will romance Odette Annable’s Dr. Adams:

“There are definitely scenes where there’s some flirting going on. But they also disagree a lot, which could be translated as sexual tension, I suppose. [Something is] definitely there, but whether they actually follow through with or not, I don’t know. The good thing about our show is they don’t want to turn it into, “Who’s sleeping with who?” They want to stay focused on the medical storylines and how we respond to the patients. That always comes first. But the flirting thing with Odette is nice to have on the side.”

On how Chase will be treating Foreman now that he’s the boss:

“There is a bit of ribbing that goes on. [Chase and Taub] give him a little crap because he’s the boss now. Foreman is trying to assert his dominance in that position and Chase and Taub sort of laugh at that because they know who he is. [Laughs] They’re not sure why he’s trying to manhandle House. I’m interested to see where that goes, in terms of whether we end up helping Foreman or helping House, because we have loyalties on both sides.”

On some Chase-centric episodes coming up:

“There’s going to be some stuff in the next couple of [episodes that we're going to shoot] that really focuses on Chase, which is great. I’m really looking forward to that. I’ve heard hints about what it’s about…The first one involves a patient. Chase is affected by a patient. A patient gets into his head and it will have implications.”

On what he would like Chase to do before the show ends:

“It’s very cliché, but I’ve never ended up in a hospital bed. Chase is pretty much the only [character] who hasn’t gotten sick at some point…[Laughs] It’s so cliché, but it would be kind of cool. I want to be in a bed for an episode dying and self-diagnosing.”

Are you excited that Jesse is returning to the show?