Is Robert Sean Leonard leaving House?!

When news of Robert Sean Leonard's upcoming Broadway play Born Yesterday broke, Hilson fans everywhere panicked. Does that mean Robert Sean Leonard is leaving House to do the play? Well, all us Wilson fans can relax, because the answer is most definitely NO!

RSL's rep assured Watch With Kristin that the play will in no way impact his House shooting schedule:  "No episodes will be missed. Production has worked it all out." Phew!

But that doesn't mean that things will be smooth sailing for our favorite doctors. As Kristin says:

The House-Wilson relationship is one of the best parts of the FOX drama, so we're happy to be able to report that there won't be any hiccups in their bromance. At least, not due to RSL kicking ass onstage. We can't promise, however, that House and Wilson won't face other issues. Because when it comes to those two, it's always something, right?

As Wilson is my favorite character on the show, I'm relieved that RSL is sticking around. What about you? Share your thoughts in the comments!