How Long Will the ‘House’ Time Jump Be in Season 8?

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August 7, 2011

When House begins Season 8, House will be in prison, the hospital will have a new Dean of Medicine, and there will be 2 new members on House’s team. So just how much time has gone by since last season’s finale?

How about an entire year?

EP David Shore ‘s reasoning for that big of a time shift: “The advantage of going forward a year is that everything’s changed, and changed dramatically. ”

This leap forward also gives everyone time to have adjusted to life after Cuddy, an idea that Jesse Spencer likes:

“I think it’s a smart idea [in light of the fact that] Lisa left the show. I think it was kind of necessary to do that. If we picked up right where we left off and Cuddy wasn’t there it [would be strange].”

What do you think of the time jump?

Source: TVLine

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