House Will Share a Connection With Odette Annable’s New Doc

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August 4, 2011

Executive producer David Shore has given some more details regarding one of the new female members of House’s team, played by Odette Annable.

Annable’s character is a doctor in the prison where House is doing time at the beginning of Season 8. Shore says the two will develop a connection:

“She’s working in prison and there’s a bit of a connection—not a physical connection. But she doesn’t really know House. He’s just a prisoner. Then things change. He changes her, and she changes him.”

Shore and the cast have been enjoying working with Annable, who Shore says is “great, she’s smart, she’s funny. We’re excited about it.”

Shore also promises the team is looking to return to “the basics” of the show and “the fundamental questions of right and wrong.” So, no more driving cars into buildings, then?

Source: EW