House Spoilers: Wilson's love life and a House/Lucas fight

EW gives some love about love to my lovable Wilson in this week's Ask Ausiello column. And it looks like House and Lucas will come to blows later this season.

Question: Is there a chance Wilson will go on a date this season on House? —Martina
Ausiello: Not only is there a chance, it’s a good one. A really good one. In other House couples news, I hear House and Lucas will engage in some swordplay later this season. No, not that kind of swordplay.

Am I alone in still missing Amber? But I do want Wilson to be happy. I wonder if he'll finally get a date with that cute neighbor him and House were fighting over. And I know lots of you hope House chops Lucas's head off! I don't mind Lucas; I just don't like him with Cuddy.

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