House: Latest From Kristin

From Watch With Kristin:

Kelly in Tulsa, Okla.: I am a huge Olivia Wilde fan, and I was wondering if you had any news about her character, Thirteen, on House?
Good news, Foreteen fans. In an upcoming episode of House, Foreman comes crawling back (sort of). According to a source, he tells Thirteen he's sorry he fired her and that he still loves her. Could this be the start of some sort of rekindled romance? Sure sounds like it, doesn't it!? So how do we feel about this?

K.T. in Pennsylvania: I keep hearing a rumor that Michael Weston's arc won't end in episode 10 of House. I hear he's back in episode 12. Should House-Cuddy fans be giving up on their ship?
Lucas (Michael Weston) is definitely a presence beyond episode 10: Even though Lucas doesn't appear onscreen in the following episode, House and Cuddy spend most of the time arguing about Cuddy's relationship with him. The good news? House certainly still seems to be harboring some fierce feelings for Cuddy. A source tells me he's going to rip up a photo of Lucas.