House: Jennifer Morrison Interview

Color me confused, but the producers of House are saying Cameron's coming back, and Jennifer is saying she's done with the show. Please synch up your stories, guys! Unless they want to keep us confused, for story purposes. Those cheeky little monkeys! Anyway, there's a very brief video snippet of her interview, which airs today, on Watch With Kristin. Here's the story:

House: Poor Jennifer Morrison has publicly confirmed that her time as Dr. Allison Cameron on House is done. Jen's admission came in an interview on The Bonnie Hunt Show that's scheduled to air Wednesday. Bonnie asked, "You're done with House?" and Jen replied: "I am, as far as I know, yes." (Press play on the video above to see for yourself, and/or use this thingamabobber to find out when The Bonnie Hunt Show is on in your area if you want to watch the interview in its entirety.) But riddle us this, TV fans, if Jen thinks she's done, why do the show's producers keeping talking about bringing her back for guest spots? Are they just leading us on?