House: Interview With Jesse Spencer

I really hope Jennifer Morrison comes back; they just get Cameron and Chase married and now they're tearing them apart. Here are Jesse Spencer's thoughts as told to TV Guide:

As if the split between Cameron and Chase isn’t a dramatic enough turn on this season of House, expect some physical altercations at Princeton Plainsboro in the near future. On November 23, Chase will lose it, and as a result punch the cranky doctor in the face. “House keeps pushing [Chase’s] buttons. And then he pushes him a little bit too far,” Jesse Spencer told TV Guide Magazine at the Breeder’s Cup Winners Circle event on November 5. “Chase is in kind of a weird spot right now.”

Chase isn’t the only one confused. Much like his character, Spencer has no idea whether or not his costar Jennifer Morrison will return to the show. “She may. We don’t know. She’s still on the payroll,” he tells us. “But I quite like being in that situation because then we’re sort of living it as the characters are living it. It’s kind of nice to play the character in that limbo.”

Spencer says he is used to things being up in the air, especially after the introduction of a new team in season four “That came out of left field, and they like to move in left field circles,” he says, “They’ll sort of go, ‘We’re moving in a different direction for right now but, rest assured, you’ll still be around…I guess.’”

As for whether of not Cameron and Chase will reunite, he certainly hopes so, and not just for his character’s sake. “We get along really well – we’re friends –and it is sad to see her go, but she’s great and she’ll do other stuff and hopefully she’ll come back so we can have torturous relationships and make each other cry.”