House: Ausiello Spoiler

Orlando Jones is not the first actor to pop into my head to play Foreman's brother, but I'm looking forward to seeing how he does. Here's the spoiler courtesy of Ausiello:

House is finally introducing us to the missing branch in Foreman’s family tree.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Orlando Jones has been cast as Foreman’s estranged (and currently incarcerated) brother, Marcus.

Although we have previously met Foreman’s father and mother (played by Charles S. Dutton and Beverly Todd, respectively), his brother has only been mentioned in passing. Little is know about Marcus except that he, like Foreman, had a troubled childhood.

Jones’ episode, which has already been shot and is scheduled to air in February, finds the siblings reconnecting on the eve of Marcus’ parole hearing. Not surprisingly, House sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong, but the less I say about that piece of the story the better (my annual invite to David Shore and Katie Jacobs’ New Year’s Eve slumber party is already in danger of getting lost in the mail). Just trust me when I say his meddling leads to a pretty big development.

Great casting, don’tcha think?