House: Ausiello Spoiler

I love when wacky rumors start. Of course, IMDB is not the most reliable source. Thanks to Ausiello for clearing this one up.

Question: There is a rumor circulating that House has a twentysomething son and he’ll turn up in the season finale. Any truth to this? —Malinda
You mean the twentysomething son played by French actor/stuntman Sebastien Soudais? That’s what we in the biz call a full-of-crap rumor. It all got started when the role of “House’s son” suddenly appeared on his IMDB page. “I don’t know who did that,” Soudais tells me of the listing, which has since been removed. “I really like House, but I never would have made something like that up.” Ironically, I’m having the opposite problem. I’ve been trying for weeks to get my upcoming role as Cuddy’s BFF uploaded to my IMDB page but it won’t take. What am I doing wrong?