House: Ausiello Scoop

While Chase has never been my favorite character (that would be Wilson), I'm enjoying seeing Jesse Spencer get more to do. Seems I'm not the only one...

Question: It’s great to see Jesse Spencer getting a powerful storyline on House. Any news on how he’ll cope without Cameron? —Angela
Not well. In the Nov. 23 episode — the first sans Jennifer Morrison as Cameron — he loses it and punches House in the face! “Chase is very clearly off his game,” says a House insider, “and struggling with the loss of Cameron.” What prompts the fisticuffs? Apparently, Doc Crankypants unfavorably compares him to his far prettier, smarter wife, and Chase blows his top and decks him!

Question: Jesse Spencer has been amazing in the current arc on House, but I’m worried this storyline is setting up his eventual exit from the show a la Jennifer Morrison. Any word from your mole? —Carol
My mole assures me that you’re just being paranoid. Jesse’s staying put. (For now at least.)

Source: EW