House Spoilers: House as...Babysitter?!

Now that Huddy is an official couple, we all knew it had to happen sometime: House and Rachel, alone together. How will Cuddy feel about that? Ask Ausiello has some spoilers:

Question: Any word on if we will see House babysitting Cuddy’s baby this season on House? —Janine
Ausiello: We will. An early season 7 eppy will find Dr. Crankydoodle spending some one-on-one time with little Rachel. The playdate will underscore one of the biggest challenges facing Huddy. “She’s a single parent, and I think it’s only right that we deal with that issue,” says exec producer Katie Jacobs. “House is her significant other, and she also has a kid. We will explore the reality of what that means and how willing Cuddy is at first to share Rachel and expose her child to the relationship. And because it is a real relationship, I think she feels obligated to.”