First look at Cuddy’s mom!

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December 13, 2010

Poor House; he thinks he’s treating just another hypochondriac in the January 17 episode, but it turns out she’s Cuddy’s mom, Arlene. In an exclusive to TV Guide, Candice Bergen, who plays Arlene, describes her character this way:

[She's] a gentile who would prefer to be a Jew. She considers House a goy unable to commit to her daughter.

Bergen returns on February 21, bringing Cuddy’s sister Lucinda in tow. Unfortunately for Cuddy, Arlene considers Lucinda “the good daughter.” Sounds like fun family time for Huddy!

As for Huddy’s engagement chances, executive producer David Shore will only say “not yet,” while refusing to confirm they’ll even remain a couple throughout the entire season.