EP David Shore Talks Changes for ‘House’ Season 8

EP David Shore Talks Changes for ‘House’ Season 8

There will be lots of changes coming on House in Season 8: the loss of Lisa Edelstein and the arrival of a new boss, very few episodes for Olivia Wilde, 2 new team members. EP David Shore talked to TVLine about that and more of what we can expect in the new season.

  • The choice to go with someone already known to House as his new boss is to avoid the inevitable comparisons of the newbie to Cuddy:

"Lisa did a fantastic job with it and we didn’t want to simply recreate that…There was a nice balance to that character, so we decided to [go with someone in House's orbit] instead of trying to recreate Cuddy and put [an actor or actress] in the unenviable position of being compared to her, which will happen anyway. This allows us to put a character the audience has seen before in a new situation and to have House judge them on that. It changes the whole dynamic between the characters."

  • Shore feels that House never intended to kill anyone when he drove his car into Cuddy’s house, but that he has to be punished for that irresponsible act:

"[W]e feel strongly on the show that actions have consequences. And House has to pay a price. We also wanted to play with the notion of how much does he feel a sense of responsibility [over what happened]. He would never admit it but it’s there."

  • House will have spent quite a while behind bars—months, not days—but we will not see most of his incarceration, because it will be months after the car incident when the show returns.
  • Shore wants to return to the core values of the show, namely the House character and how he reacts to life and all its dimensions:

"[T]he stuff that I’ve always loved about the show is the House character and how he reacts, not particularly to romance, but to deeper life and death issues and issues of right and wrong and questions of how to live a good, moral life. And how he reacts to the [patients] who are brought in each week and to the regulars. Getting back to the fundamentals of these medical cases and these character cases. It’s not so much about the medicine; it’s about the characters."

  • Charlyne Yi was cast specifically because she is an unusual choice. They like her quirkiness but also find her real and sympathetic.
  • Shore would love to get Lisa back for the series finale but he has no idea if that will happen.
  • They are not approaching Season 8 as their last:

"Fox wants another season. I think enough of our fans want another season. [Universal Media Studios] wants another season. It may well be [the final season]. And we will know earlier rather then later because I want to do [the ending] right."

What do you think of the changes for the new season?