Dealing With the Fallout From Huddy's Breakup

Now that House has fallen off the wagon and Huddy have broken up, how bad are things going to get around Princeton-Plainsboro? Pretty ugly, as Lisa Edelstein tells EW. It's going to get much worse before it gets better, for everyone.

“She took a major risk this season, and it didn’t work, which is extremely disappointing, but it was something she had to do. But now she’s dealing with the fallout.”

As witnessed in the promo for Monday's episode, House deals with the breakup through a combo of pills, prostitutes, and other scary stuff. And Lisa says Cuddy doesn't react to his behavior the way we might think:

“As mature as you think Cuddy might be, she’s still dealing with House and his reactions are so extreme, it puts her in a position of having [to] deal with really extreme choices, which happens really quickly.”

The team isn't having fun, either, as House's out-of-control behavior threatens the quality of care they can give their patients. In summary: It's a train wreck all around.