David Shore Talks New Blood and New Team Dynamics for ‘House’ Season 8

EP David Shore gave TV Guide more insight into the 2 new team members and how the team dynamics will be different in Season 8.

  • Charlyne Yi’s new doctor is old fashioned and hardworking:

“She's a bit Old World. Her parents are immigrants and she has respect for their ways. She believes in hard work and earning what you get and getting ahead. She's very deferential, but she also has another side that we'll encourage her to explore.”

  • We meet Odette Annable’s new team member when House is in prison, but why is she there? We’ll find out:

“They meet in jail and they develop a connection and then the price is paid....She's working at the prison. She doesn't have to work at the prison. She's choosing to work at the prison and that says everything about her.”

  • House’s “marriage” will not be explored any further:

“The green card marriage? We don't deal with that. He may be [married], but we don't deal with that. You know, everything has moved on. The world's changed. House is still House, and he tries to put the world back together.”

  • The writers are also not going to delve deeply into how House’s arrest will affect his ability to continue practicing medicine:

“He certainly will be affected, but we don't want to turn this into a legal show. He's got this hanging over his head, but we don't want to turn this into a show about House trying to get his license back and the legalities of all that. Let's get House back in the hospital and get him practicing.”

  • Wilson will not simply forgive and forget that House nearly ran him over last season! Also, the power dynamics in the team have changed while House has been locked up:

“At the end of last year, Taub (Peter Jacobson) had two women pregnant and we are going to deal with that this year. We are also going to deal with how Foreman (Omar Epps) and Chase's (Jesse Spencer) lives have changed over the intervening time. House has been in jail for quite some time, so everybody's lives have moved forward and that gives us opportunities.”

  • Shore hopes House stays just the way he is, flaws and all:

“I know this is a crazy answer, but I don't want to see him change. I want to see him striving to change, and that what I've wanted to see him do since Day One. I want to see him striving for happiness. I like him and I find him interesting. What I want to do and what I enjoy doing is seeing him in situations I haven't seen him in before and seeing how he reacts to those situations and see how he takes those situations.”