David Shore Talks 'House' Series Finale: "We Never Do Happy Endings"

David Shore Talks 'House' Series Finale: "We Never Do Happy Endings"

All signs seem to be pointing ominously toward a lot of unhappy fans come May 22, the day after House airs its series finale. And EP David Shore's comments aren't making us feel any better.

Shore talked about May 21's series finale, "Everybody Dies," and described the show's ending as "bittersweet":

"It's definitely an ending. I don't want to say more than that. We never do happy endings. But we also try not to simply do miserable endings. Bittersweet is the most you can hope for us."

So it's probably too much to ask that Wilson has a miracle cure and him and House ride off into the sunset, huh?

When pressed for details, Shore said that the final moments of Monday's episode, "Holding On," are a jumping-off point for the events in the finale:

"House is put into a very difficult position, and it's about him assessing his future. We developed this idea months and months ago, the idea for this final episode, which when you see it it'll sort of become clear. There were many things I liked about this idea. It allowed us to explore who he was and the nature of this character and take a look at who he is as a human being and his values as a human being. It also allowed us to naturally bring back other people, so I started making phone calls."

As previous spoilers have revealed, Jennifer Morrison, Amber Tamblyn, Kal Penn, and Olivia Wilde are all returning. We can also look forward to Jesse Spencer's Chase making an appearance in the finale, after he left the hospital in this week's episode.

But this Wilson fan isn't looking forward to seeing all these people again if it's for Wilson's funeral. What about you? Do you wish House would get to be happy in the end?

Source: EOnline