David Shore Talks Changes in 'House' Season 8

David Shore Talks Changes in 'House' Season 8

Will prison change House? Not so much, says EP David Shore:

"House recognizes that he has to pay prices. That doesn't mean he's going to change. He will always do what he believes is right. Previous experience will go into those decisions, but not in the sense of, 'Oh, is this going to cost me?'”

His world has changed around him, however, with Cuddy gone, a new boss and team members, and his relationship with Wilson in shambles. We will see House try to get back in Wilson’s good graces in the second episode of the season:

"He's going to have to, in his own House way, win Wilson back. Whether he can do that, how he can do that and what price he'll have to pay to do that is a large chunk of what Episode 2 is all about."

Shore says that in the end it will be House’s brain that saves him:

“He's a brilliant guy, and that's not going to change. What will change is his dynamic with his boss and the potential threat that his boss can make against him. And there's some fallout. But House is still a brilliant diagnostician, and the people around him are still smart enough to recognize that."

The Season 8 premiere of House airs tonight at 9 pm on Fox.

Source: TV Guide