Charlyne Yi Talks Fitting in on ‘House’

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October 7, 2011

When House returns to the hospital in Monday’s episode, he finds that he now has a team of one: Charlyne Yi. Yi spoke to EW about her character and how she will fit in at Princeton-Plainsboro.

Yi’s character, Dr. Chi Park, is highly intelligent and socially awkward, and she even has some aggression issues. But she still manages to break the ice with House:

“I think she wants to like him. I think she’s definitely fascinated, and she’s heard things about him. She knows she’s smart enough to take him on, though. I think she wants to be up to par on him. I don’t think she doesn’t like him — I think she’s thrown off by him … she’s very intrigued by the way he goes about things.”

But Park’s poor social skills will get in the way when she has to deal with House’s old team getting back together in the future:

“I think she’s kind of cold [to them]. She doesn’t know how to deal with people. I don’t think she’s the most social person – and I don’t think she minds not being the most social person, either.”