Amber Tamblyn Teases ‘House’ Exit and A New Pilot

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April 16, 2011

Amber Tamblyn has dropped some hints about her departure from House. Tamblyn joined the show earlier this season as Martha Masters but will leave when Thirteen returns. Here’s the transcript of her interview with the TV Guide:

She’s going to potentially break one of her own rules in a very interesting way that is going to divide her. And it’s going to break Masters a little bit, which will be really interesting to see because she’s kind of been unbreakable.

Tamblyn also confirmed reports that she is now working on a new project for Fox.

Katie Jacobs, who is the executive producer of House, approached me about this idea and I loved it. Ed Burns, who is the co-creator of The Wire with David Simon, is writing it and we just sold the idea to Fox.

Hopefully we’ll be making a pilot. It’s about a young teacher set in the world of public education in America, which is kind of a touchy subject.

  • roadrunner

    I love Amber Tamblyn and am sorry to see her leave the show. She plays off the other characters extremely well. A very talented young actress who will succeed no matter what she does, and I wish her well, although I would hope that they bring her character back occasionally just to bug House a little……