A Whole Bunch Of House Spoilers For The Next Two Episodes

Here is a whole bunch of House spoilers from various sources from the last seven days. Thanks to TV Guide, Fancast and Ausiello!

Who does Amber Tamblyn play on House?

House describes her as the "the love child of Einstein and Mary Poppins." The brainiac's bleeding-heart principles of course irk the cranky doc. So he fires her — several times. Imagine if he knew about her past with one of his team members.

How many scenes do House and Cuddy have in the Nov. 8 episode?

They have several, but it very well may be their final encounter that dictates where this nascent romance is heading next.

Any information on when Olivia Wilde is returning to House?

Probably not until spring. You’ll be happy to know that her temporary replacement, Amber Tamblyn, makes a positive first impression in her Nov. 8 debut. As you would expect, her character — supersmart and moralistic med student Martha M. Masters — gets quite a hazing from House‘s boys club. We’ll soon discover that a member of said club shares a past with House‘s “immutable obstacle,” as Dr. Crankenstein calls her. Other colorful nicknames assigned to the newbie on her first day of work include;

  • The Internet with breasts
  • Small Wonder
  • The love child of Einstein and Mary Poppins
  • The Bunny
  • Pippy Long Division

How dare you hint that House and Cuddy might be finished for good?

I’ll cut you off there and invite you to check back with me after the next two episodes. We can assess the state of their relationship better then.

  • One of the main characters on House is thinking about having a baby!
  • In other news, Amber Tamblyn is great as med student Martha M. Masters—she's not jaded like the House's other diagnosticians, and she argues intelligently about how morality contributes to good medicine, rather than detracts from it. The show's producers should consider keeping her on the team long-term, whether or not Olivia Wilde is there to play Hadley.
  • The episode airing Nov. 15 does have some tense Huddy moments – not at all surprising given what transpires this coming Monday – but the main story involves the treatment of a family that may have come in contact with smallpox.
  • There’s a story for Wilson that just might point his romance with Sam in an interesting direction.
  • Med student Martha M. Masters is a breath of fresh air for the Fox drama, now in its seventh season. “Small Wonder” is brilliant on any number of subjects, yet painfully naïve, as far as House is concerned, when it comes to (deceptively) doing what is needed to save lives. As such, expect him to really run Martha – aka Cuddy’s solution to the team’s “sausagefest” problem – through the wringer when it comes to patient-of-the-week Jack Coleman’s (’Heroes’) vexing case.
  • Martha’s Nov. 8 arrival in and of itself begets a mystery: Why does Taub have such a beef with the new gal?
  • House pink-slips a member of his team during November sweeps. Not once, not twice, but three times. Also, three major characters do some jail time.