A Major Showdown Is Coming, Plus the Reason Why House’s “Wife” Is Returning

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January 11, 2012

House EP Greg Yaitanes talks about House’s upcoming showdown with a major guest star, plus tells us why the doc’s not-exactly-popular green-card wife will be returning to the show.

  • All hell will break loose when Emmy winner Jeffrey Wright visits Princeton Plainsboro as Foreman’s old mentor who is arbitrating a case against House.

“Jeffrey’s character really decides the fate of the series — he puts House’s process on trial. These are questions we’ve never really asked of the series before, one of which is: What is the responsibility of everybody in an environment of recklessness? I think every character is forever changed by the events that take place in that episode.”

  • Dominica has a good reason for her reappearance, and Yaitanes promises she will bring the funny:

“They got married for her green card, and as is the case, six months to a year later you have to prove that you’re actually married. So Dominica shows back up and it’s time for those interviews. They’ve got to do a crash course in being married. It’s a hilarious episode. [Karolina Wydra] is so fantastic. Everybody is so charmed by her.”

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