A Dreamy Episode of House Is Coming!

Things we will be seeing in an upcoming House episode: House and Cuddy in a Western. Wilson and House as the Odd Couple. A musical number. A zombie horror flick. And a classic black-and-white movie. Is House in the mental ward again? No! As executive producer Greg Yaitanes explained to EW, they're all things from the characters' dreams:

“Within those dreams, the story of what [the team is] going through is being told in [the dreams] throughout the episode. It just allowed us to [tell the] message of this great story between them and let the fans participate in a new way.”

Yaitanes said it is also an episode that is required viewing for Cuddy and Huddy fans. Although those fans might not like what they see, which Yaitanes described as "polarizing."

“If you’re enjoying their storyline, this is going to be a very important episode...I think people will love or hate us for it, but I just think there’s some incredible work there that was done. Liz [Friedman] wrote an amazing script, and I think everybody really shines in a big way.”

So will the musical portion be like something we could see every week on Glee? Not so much, said Yaitanes:

“The musical is… I don’t think anyone will have seen something like that on television before.”

This sounds like an episode we will either love or hate. What do you think, fans? Which category do you think you're going to fall into? Give your thoughts in the comments below!