A Cuddy Send-Off, and the Return of Hilson Fun

A Cuddy Send-Off, and the Return of Hilson Fun

There will be lots of changes coming to House in Season 8. Because of the one-year time jump, we will not see Cuddy’s exit. But EP David Shore said her absence won’t be overlooked, either: "There's going to be an acknowledgement, but it's not going to be a big story about her because unfortunately we don't have [Lisa]."

Will Cuddy ever get a proper send-off? Shore said it’s possible, after some time has passed:

"Down the road, that might be more appropriate. It didn't seem right now. Given that she was gone, we decided it was better to not just have her come back to leave again."

And in keeping with the new season’s back-to-basics theme, Shore said he wants to bring the House-Wilson relationship “back to the roots,”
meaning a return of the funny: “We’re getting them back to that fun relationship they had early on.”

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