Homeland Spoilers: What is Carrie's Next Move Against Saul?

saulPreviously on Homeland.. Saul has officially sung the "Oops, I just betrayed you" hit single against Carrie -- on national television!

That is nothing but a HUGE blow on Carrie's part. Now what? What could be the ramifications of this issue of betrayal between the former partners-in-crime?

We've got some revenge-y spoilers to share Homeland fandom, check them out below:

Although Saul seems to have had good reason for his actions, as you might imagine, Carrie won't be too pleased. She'll first take out her fury on a newspaper reporter who wrote the story about Carrie sleeping with Brody, but that only makes matters much, much worse. In fact, it will force Saul to take even more drastic action that could potentially sever his relationship with Carrie forver.

Source: TV Guide

Here are two sneak peeks for next Sunday's episode: