Homeland Spoilers: Season 7 setting revealed

Homeland Spoilers: Season 7 setting revealed

Fresh details about the new season of Homeland have arrived. 

According to TV Line, the upcoming seventh season of the Showtime drama will be set in Virginia after taking place last season in New York. The location will mark as the second time where production took place inside the US after shooting earlier seasons abroad. 

On casting, Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin are both expected to be back as full time cast members. They will be joined by Elizabeth Marvel and Linus Roache as the POTUS and her right-hand man in season 7. 

Here's a statement from EP Alex Gansa:

We’re thrilled to bring the production of Homeland to the great state of Virginia. 

Its cities and neighborhoods and people will surely provide a rich backdrop for our story, and we in turn aim to provide a small but hopefully significant boost to the local economy.


Production for Homeland season 7 begins this fall. It is slated to return in early 2018 on Showtime. 

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Source: TV Line