Homeland Spoilers: Saul Makes an Unforgivable Move

Homeland Spoilers: Saul Makes an Unforgivable Move

Episode 104In Homeland season 3, a more audacious Saul Berenson may shock us.

Despite being known as the show's center of moral compass, Saul will be pushed to his limits as the CIA faces the trial after the season two explosion. Where art thou now, Brody???

But what kind of game-changing decision will he make? Hypothetically speaking, will he drop the good-guy suit and become Carrie's enemy?

E! Online's spoiler revelation proved to be pretty convincing. Yes, Homeland fandom, Saul may have gone Walter-White turned Heisenberg this season.

Keep reading for the scoop:

In episode two, Saul does something that is pretty unforgivable in Carrie's eyes. Seriously, we aren't sure if those two will ever be the same again after what he does. And the final moments of that episode will put a knife in the hearts of fans who adore Saul and Carrie's relationship. It's very hard to watch. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…Can we interest you in a virtual hug?

Homeland season 3 premieres Sunday, Sept. 29 on Showtime.