Homeland Spoilers: Pregnant Carrie Finds Answers and A More Badass Saul

carrie preggyLast week's Homeland had sent us counting how many pregnancy tests Carrie has been keeping on her bathroom drawer. For arguments' sake, I think they're more or less 30. (Elephant in the room: how many times did she aborted Brody Jr.?)

Meanwhile, Saul reconnected with an old friend aka chain-smoker/murderer Grandpa Javadi.

Those are two twists in one episode! If you wanna know what's coming up on Sunday's installment titled "Gerontion", here are the spoilers revealed by E! Online:

In Sunday's episode, Carrie (who is battling morning sickness and is still keeping her pregnancy a secret) will get some answers about Brody's involvement with the Langley bombing. But because this is Homeland, those answers will lead to more questions, but they are definitely very interesting questions and it will be a step forward in the investigation.

Plus, Saul continues his awesome badassery when it comes to Senator Lockhart. You will never guess what Papa Bear Saul does to keep Lockhart out of his business.

And yes, you might wanna watch this sneak peek too: