Homeland Spoilers: Lead Cast Teased Season 2 -- "Brody and Carrie have a magnetic, kinetic connection"

Homeland Spoilers: Lead Cast Teased Season 2 -- "Brody and Carrie have a magnetic, kinetic connection"

TV's most riveting drama this year, Homeland just dropped the bomb last week on its third episode, "State of Independence". Mandy Patinkin's character, Saul Berenson had finally showed Carrie the video that proves Brody is a terrorist. Brody, on the other hand, has gone a little too far when he relentlessly killed Bassel in the woods.

Now that the Carrie has finally proved herself correct about her suspicions about the former POW, Nicholas Brody, where do we go next?

In a conversation with TV Guide, the showrunner and lead cast of the Emmy-winning series gave fans a little preview on what's bound to occur as the second season of 'Homeland' progresses. I hope you enjoy these bunch of spoilers we grabbed below!

We learned from the report that Brody will find himself torn between Carrie and another woman in his life, journalist and Nazir loyalist Roya Hammad (Zuleikha Robinson). Here's a statement from EP Howard Gordon:

"She's very important to the intended attack on America. That attack and the attempts to prevent it become the ongoing spine of the season."

Furthermore, the report says that in the midst of the chaos, Brody is still drawn to Carrie. Actor Damien Lewis weighs in on this matter with the statement --

"He's damaged, volatile and temperamental," says Lewis. "Carrie is, too, and they have a magnetic, kinetic connection that he doesn't have with his beautiful wife."

The wife, in the contrary, we learned was "no dummy" says actress Morena Baccarin. She gave us an intel about Jessica's disposition in the upcoming episodes, and she tells us --

"Brody starts lying again and it makes their relationship impossible. But he's very damaged and she's aware of that, so she knows she has to be somewhat patient with him."

'Homeland' season 2 airs every Sunday on Showtime.