Homeland Spoilers: Damien Lewis Answers Burning Question -- Will Nicholas Brody Face Death?

Homeland Spoilers: Damien Lewis Answers Burning Question -- Will Nicholas Brody Face Death?

The season 2 episode 10 episode of Homeland titled "Broken Hearts" had once again brought the entertainment value of the show to another level. On the episode, viewers were able to get some solid screen time with Brody's terrorist friend/captor Abu Nazir. Although some of the reviews about the episode fared a little on the illogical side, the acting and the plot revelations are enough to make this series be called "highly-entertaining".

I'm not going to recap the whole happenings throughout the episode but I'd like to point out the major plots that should follow why Damien Lewis' lead character as Nicholas Brody may or should kick the bucket anytime soon.

Homeland had introduced Brody as a turned POW in season one and now that we're almost halfway on season 2, he's playing this congressman/double agent/vice-presidential candidate who screws with the CIA lady whenever a motel is available. Okay, that was a little blunt, but atleast I didn't mention the cabin and the quickie on the parking lot too. Undoubtedly, Brody is just juggling too many many things! And should I add that his wife is screwing with Mike again? Or the fact that Dana is I don't know, borderline autistic?

All I'm saying is, judging by the way Brody has transcended every CIA surveillance, sneaky meetings with Roya and left and right pawning from Nazir -- makes him kind of a superhero who after getting nuked out, revives and put on his tie like nothing happens. And if this plot continues on and on for him, then I'm afraid Homeland will eventually lose its spark.

On the said episode, Brody was once again put in another impossible situation. Nazir abucted Carrie as leverage against his terrorist plot that only Brody can pull-off. Nazir mandated Brody to get into the veep's office and search for his pacemaker's serial number in order for his set of nerdy hackers to kill him with a heart attack. Brody, like I said earlier, pulled it off once again with flying colors. Even to the point that he gave his bidding farewells to the dying VP. Seriously, like he was so sure that he was really dying?

Now I don't know about you but feel free to disagree if anything I've said above isn't true. I hope I made my point pretty clear. Sure, Homeland is damn sure riveting but Brody's consistent storyline as a multitasking father/ sneaky congressman may put off the show's inherent gusto.

In an interview from EW, Brody's portrayer Damien Lewis has answered this trajectory about Homeland. Will Brody Die? The Brit actor was brave to admit that there's that possibility, referring to his role as "the sacred cow".

“I think that’s what’s exciting everybody. They’re prepared to be bold in their storytelling. Who knows if they’ve got any more story up their sleeves but it’s been a thrilling ride!”

What do you think guys? Do you think that Brody should be killed-off?