Homeland Spoilers: A Solid Make-out Scene For Carrie and Brody

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November 8, 2012

Previously in Homeland..

Brody comforted Carrie when she was caught off guard by Abu Nazir’s ambush on the CIA agents working inside the tailor shop of Bassel. Though we still can’t confirm that Brody did knew something about the attack, Carrie was quite convinced that Brody’s manly shoulders are her haven, even just for a brief moment.

In next week’s episode, we learned that another staggering scene between Carrie and Brody is going to take place. E! Online reports that the two secret lovers will share a solid intimate session.

Carrie and Brody get some solid mouth-to-mouth action next episode that definitely leaves us wanting more. But don’t think these two are on the road to a functioning relationship—they are still up, down, up, and have some serious trust issues, only this time they are on Brody’s end.

‘Homeland’ airs every Sunday on Showtime.