Homeland Season 3 Spoilers: See Carrie on the Offensive Team

Homeland Season 3 Spoilers: See Carrie on the Offensive Team


The writers of Homeland have revealed a season 3 spoiler during the TV Academy panel at 20th Century Fox’s Zanuck Theater on Tuesday.

As we already know, the third season will explore on the aftermath of the bombing that happened during VP Walden's funeral, an unfortunate event which killed CIA boss, David Estes and many others. The repercussions of the incident are obviously going to be ugly, considering Nicholas Brody's (Damien Lewis) vehicle was learned to be the source of the explosion.

When the cable series returns, Carrie (Claire Danes) is going to have a lot on her plate. As we learned from earlier scoops, she will be off her bipolar meds again. We already know how messed-up that situation goes, so good luck with that.

As for the agency's status, I think it's not gonna come off too surprising for the audience when it goes under a blazing trial. Heck, the director just died, people! The government is definitely gonna need names to point their fingers on whoever committed that act of terrorism.

To whet your appetite for season 3, here are some spoilers we've learned during the aforementioned panel:

What can we expect next?
When asked if season three will feel different from the first two, Cary explained that “in the first two seasons you see Carrie and the CIA on the defensive, and now you see them on the offensive,” which he hopes will be especially interesting paired with the unfinished love story. Gansa added that a big theme of the new season is the toll that being an intelligent officer takes on Carrie and Saul, especially now that the stakes are so exponentially high.

What shouldn’t we expect?
By now the news is already out: viewers will not see Brody in that first new episode in September. Why the decision to leave him out? Though it wasn’t always the plan, Gansa ultimately felt that “his presence wasn’t required in the episode,” though he was quick to admit that, in the end, “the audience will be the judge of that.“

Source: THR