Homeland Season 3 Spoilers: Saul, Carrie and Co. Face The Heartbreaking Aftermath

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August 1, 2013


Top three things we learned from the TCA press tour with the cast and showrunners of Homeland:

*a buzzed-cut Brody will resurface in the first two installments of season 3.
*Carrie will be off her meds AGAIN.
*The CIA will be under fire amidst trial.

Here’s a follow-up spoiler we wanna share that’s closely linked to the CIA explosion that killed David Estes (RIP CIA boss):

Season 3 is a measured exploration of the aftereffects of the Langley attack on Carrie, Saul and the Brody family. It’s fair to say that they’ll all be unnerved — in different ways. Saul will have to choose between Carrie and the CIA, which is heartbreaking, and Dana will take drastic action that will reveal a new side of her character — literally and figuratively.

Source: TV Guide