‘Hellcats’ Officially Canceled

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May 17, 2011

Hellcats has been officially canceled. The CW is planing to replace the time slot with one of the new pilots – Secret Circle, Ringer (with Sarah Michelle Geller) or Hart of Dixie.

The CW has renewed freshman drama Nikita for a second season and will also bring back veteran One Tree Hill though…

Thoughts? Dissapointed or you’re looking forward to one of the new shows?

  • .:90210fan:.

    I have to say I’m disappointed. This whole season.. I have been looking forward to Dan and Marti finally being together. :P Well, I guess I’ll never see that. This wasn’t my favorite show on the CW.. I’d have to say 90210 and GG were my faves. But I enjoyed this show and I’ll miss it. :/ 

  • samara

    Not a big lost.
    The female lead was awful, her acting…horrible!
    And yay for Nikita ^^

  • samara

    Not a big lost.
    The female lead was awful, her acting…horrible!
    And yay for Nikita ^^

  • Bee

    Sooo sad. This was the only show I followed weekly. I loved the chemistry between characters and I especially like that AJ joined the cast to play the role of Deirdre. It was my favorite show. I’m a senior in high school and am soo stressed out and this was my weekly guilty pleasure. I’m very disappointed in CW.

  • Omghatetoburstyourbubble

    wow! i am pissed -.-
    that show was heading to a good start
    and i don’t get why people can just cancell
    a tv show when it hasn’t even got the story line finshed!!!
    i wanted to she what happends with marti’s dad and sister and dan
    and marti eventually. This is exactly like how 10 thing i hate about u got cancelled. I’m so mad-.- 

  • Omghatetoburstyourbubble

    nikita is sooo boring … -.- 

  • Omghatetoburstyourbubble

    nikita is sooo boring … -.- 

  • Popmolly

    Pathetic. I mean the should atleast let them have an xtra long ep to wrap it all up instead of leaving it there. Not hapy! 

  • long time gg fan

    so sad :(, i cant believe they  cancelled another ‘good’ cw show, this is just like privileged 

    luckily gg and 90210 are still RUNNING! :D  

  • long time gg fan

    so sad :(, i cant believe they  cancelled another ‘good’ cw show, this is just like privileged 

    luckily gg and 90210 are still RUNNING! :D  

  • Jkm062826

    i am so disappointed over hellcats ending the way it did it left us in the learch i mean do marty and her sister make up does she meet her dad does savhannas dad come back what the heck 

  • K063090

    i cant see how 90210 is still on it is a nook off of the original it does not even compare to hellcats th cw just left us without knowing what happend with everyone i mean really what is that 

  • CW sucks

    HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CANNOT CANCEL HELLCATS!!! IT’S TO GOOD TO BE CANCELED!!!!

  • victoria

    Could someone do me a favour and at least email CW about hellcats! if none of the new shows makes a lot ofviewers then they ought to bring back Hellcats then!

  • Holly Donohue

    son of a bitch

  • guest


  • Fio87

    It was a guilty pleasure. Really bad show. It tried to be a drama glee-like and it failed. The girls had no chemistry between them, thought the guys, the blond on specially, were absolutely hot. 

  • yully

    dissapointed. :( . i like hellcats , big fan

  • Aquablueatk101

    This is so stupid! I loved that show! I followed it from week to week…I’m like literally crying. It was my guilty pleasure. Now I have to delete the link I use to watch online Hellcats episodes from my bookmarks. I’m obviously not going to be watching episodes anymore.

    I don’t understand it! What is the point of Nikita, anyway? Some lady whose a secret agent? Haven’t we all seen something like that before? Hellcats was a brand new concept! And now it’s all gone…
    I freaking hated that cliff hanger. And now we’ll never know what happens between Deirdre, Marti, and her father!

    They could have totally renewed Hellcats. I really enjoyed that show! Nikita has such an overused plot line. Sorry, Nikita fans…I’m super annoyed that they cancelled one of my favorite shows. I’m sure you would be too, especially if it was an awesome show, with a little bit of everything.

  • .:90210fan:.

    Omg if they ever cancel 90210 or GG… it will probably be the saddest day of my life… wait… maybe not as sad as when abc fam cancelled Greek… but it would come pretty close. lol  

  • Blue :S

    Hugely disappointed. I think it was a good show and deserved at least on more season. OTH sucks, and Nikita is not that good.

  • mxd-beauty

    pissed off because the show was getting good. i mean ive liked the show since day one, but leaving it the way it ended with marti finding out her dad was alive… and now deidre after just starting to bond with her sister, being unwantingly torn away from her long lost half sister… it pissed me off seeing as i reallly loved the fact that julian and marti were getting together…. ive liked the actor who played julian since he was on queer as folk. another great show.. but besides the point.. point is, is that cw sucks for taking away the hellcats… fantastic show, loved all the actors… im going to miss the show. :( </3

  • Lucy :)

    I watched it, but honestly won’t miss it. They didn’t star stretching story lines until the END of the show… when it starting getting a little good. As long as I have 90210, GG, and VD I’m happy :)

  • Haytam 89

    this is suck!!
    one of the best shows on tv got cancelled
    f**k u cw

  • Haytam 89

    guy, this girl needs a guy with a big cock!!
    any volunteer!!! hhh

  • Meh

    It’s the inconsistency in airing that lead to it being cancelled. I loved the show, but never knew what week/day, etc it would air, so I ended up missing half of the season thinking it was on a break. The show had potential…it’s too bad the CW ruined it. 

  • julianna

    wow, im like really pissed. all the good shows get cancelled. hellcats was one of the shows on CW that i actually liked.

  • dayna

    WOW what a crock of shit! i was so stoked to see a new season of this show! is there any possibilities that another network might sign them?

  • heyheyitsamy

    Awww.. I loved hellcats. But i’ld be more disappointed if they cancelled GG !