Hellcats Episode 13 “Worried Baby Blues” Guide

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January 25, 2011

Here are some spoilers for Hellcats episode 13 from the official episode guide. “Worried Baby Blues” airs on February 1.


  • In an effort to raise funds for sectionals, the Hellcats shoot a sexy calendar and throw a launch party with the band 3OH!3. Wanda convinces Savannah to tell her mother, Layne, about Charlotte.
  • Unfortunately, Savannah ends up taking the heat after Layne blames Savannah for being a bad influence.
  • Marti decides to break into Bill Marsh’s (guest star Aaron Douglas) office in hopes of finding evidence that could clear Travis’ (guest star Ben Cotton) name. However, she’s surprised to find Alice already there with a different motive.
  • Vanessa wonders if she still has feelings for Red.
  • Ashley Tisdale sings with musical guest 3OH!3.