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Hellcats Episode 10 “Pledging My Love” Guide & Photos

CW have released promotional photos and episode guide for Hellcats Episode 10, titled as “Pledging My Love”.


  • A compromising picture of Alice is sent around school, humiliating her.
  • Lewis feels bad for Alice and agrees to help her find the culprit. The two discover Damian , a football player, is the culprit and she vows revenge and plans to out him after she finds out he is gay.
  • Red and Vanessa hear of her plan and set out to stop her before she does something she will regret.
  • Julian discovers Marti and Morgan (guest star Craig Anderson) are investigating Travis’s (guest star Ben Cotton) case behind his back and cuts them lose from the team.
  • Dan continues to be conflicted about his feelings for Marti so he makes a harsh decision about Savannah (Ashley Tisdale).
  • Derrick decides to ask Vanessa to marry him and enlists the Hellcats to help choreograph a dance number for the proposal.