Hawaii Five-O Spoilers: The Bank Robbers Who Leave the Money Behind?

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October 23, 2012

In episode 11, “Ha’aw Make Loa”, McGarrett and Danno chase down some bank robbers and discover that the robbers weren’t interested in the cash. Here are some spoilers we exclusively learned:

  • We’ll meet two bank robbers, one who is young, dumb, and loves magic mushrooms. He sends McGarrett and Danny on a foot chase while wearing nothing. They’ll later find out that he knows a lot less than they expected about his partner in crime.
  • The other robber is a much older man, suffering from terminal cancer. Once McGarrett gets him alone, he’ll find out that the bank heist wasn’t about money, but something else entirely; something that has to do with one of the patrons at the bank! Who is he, and what does he have to do with the robbery?